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Insurance Claims

Because you cannot process a claim you cannot understand, Heathcare Translation Center has been translating claims for over 10 years to make your life a little easier. We translate documents for individual claimants and for insurance companies and brokers. Even if you are fluent in the language it can be difficult to understand all the legal clauses and language used. We make the process easy and offer translations of any insurance document in virtually any language thanks to our professional certified translators.

Perhaps you have had been injured while on vacation abroad or your property has been in some way damaged and you wish to make an insurance claim, we can help! However, if you do not speak the local language or live in the country in which the incident occurred it can become quite difficult to make a claim. Heathcare Translation Center specializes in translating legal documents related to the insurance and medical fields so you can get the compensation you deserve from your insurance claim!

Medical Claims

What is a Claim?

In the US, medical claims in general refers to the requests for payment made by the provider/doctor to the insurance company after a patient has been treated and has made a co-payment and/or by the patient to the insurance company .

A claim is an itemized statement of services and costs from a health care provider or facility submitted to the insured for payment. It can be defined as 3 things:

  1. In a juridic sense, a demand of some type made by one person or another.
  2. A request for payment under a benefits plan.
  3. A statement listing services rendered, the dates of services, and itemization of costs. Includes a statement signed by the beneficiary and treating professional that services have been rendered. The completed form serves as the basis for payment of benefit.

We have been entrusted by private individuals, healthcare providers and legal firms over the years to translate thousands of medical claims in over 65 languages.

Documents translated include:

  • Billing Sheets
  • Contracts
  • Denials/Appeals/Grievance Letters
  • Disclosure Statements
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
  • Evidence of Insurability Forms
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Financial Reporting Guidelines
  • Government Tax Reports
  • Group Policies
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Hospital Policies
  • Insurance Booklets
  • Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Forms

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