Certified Medical Translators

Experience matters

Translating medical documents requires expert translators that are specialized in this type of translation and who have a proven track record. Medical translation cannot be entrusted to just any translator. Healthcare Translation Center has been able over the years to build professional medical translation teams in order to meet our clients’ exacting requirements in each area of the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We translate your medical documents following a strict process in order to offer a high-quality final product.

  • Our translators undergo a a rigorous translation screening process.
  • Our translators, proofreaders and editors are all professionals and are ATA certified translators.
  • Our translators are picked for their knowledge and experience in specific fields as well as their proven writing skills in the target language.
  • Our translators hold M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, accreditations and advanced degrees in their respective medical fields. All of our medical translators have access to extensive translation memories, agency databases, dictionaries and industry specific terms as well as other resources such as former colleagues in the medical field that they can turn to if necessary.
  • Our translators continuously receive feedback on their work.

Consistency in Terminology

CAT Tools

In order to maintain consistency in terminology and reproduce similar information across multiple projects, the use of a Translation Memory is essential. This software is called a Computer-Assisted Translation tool. Our Translation Memory stores previously translated material and enables us maintain consistency throughout our projects by retrieving previously translated material and build online glossaries. Translation memories work best on texts which are highly repetitive. All our translators use Trados®, an industry-standard translation software.

Main benefits

  • Ensuring that the document is completely translated.
  • Ensuring that the terminology is maintained, translated documents are consistent, including common definitions and phrasings. This is important when different translators are working on a big project.
  • Enabling translators to translate documents in a wide variety of formats.
  • Accelerating the overall translation process; since translation memories “remember” previously translated material, translators have to translate it only once.
  • Reducing costs of long-term translation projects; for example the text of manuals, warning messages or series of documents needs to be translated only once and can be used several times.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification of Translation Accuracy

Medical translation requires multiple levels of quality control and an understanding of regulatory laws, especially in the US, the European Union, and Japan.

Whether translating clinical study reports or packaging for medical devices to comply with EU regulation, quality is absolutely crucial. That is why our translations include a Certification of Accuracy and each page of your translated document includes our company seal for proof of authenticity.

Healthcare Translation Center’s Quality Management systems meet ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 requirements.

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